Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Response by CWYM refusing a request by a school Head of Music for WYO pupils to be released from an EXTRA Wyo REHEARSAL to attend a school CONCERT on a weekday

(Post made at 1558 BST on 26 Sep 2017 in a personal capacity.  Please see here for important background and disclosure of interests). 

This is just one example of written evidence that seems to have been completely ignored in the surprising complaints investigation carried out by View HR Limited:

The WYO "Key Facts" document stated "in the event of a clash, the WYO expects the school event to take priority".  By contrast (and bear in mind that the rehearsal in question was just one of 6 extra rehearsals):

A school Head of Music wrote in late February 2017 that s/he had discovered that a WYO extra rehearsal clashed with a school concert on a weekday in March, and asked either for the WYO players involved to be released (as they were key players who younger pupils at the school looked up to as an example) or the head of music offered to rearrange the school concert timings that evening so that the players could participate both in the school concert and part of the WYO rehearsal.

The Centre's response (in an email on 3 March 2017) was to say that it was entirely up to the parents and WYO players whether to attend school events or WYO weekday rehearsals: “Yes we have some extra rehearsal time scheduled before the Gala Concert in March, but attendance at these weekday evening rehearsals is solely at the WYO members' and parents’ discretion and nothing to do with me. I have made it very clear to the WYO families that if they choose to attend WYO instead of a school event, that they must make it clear to the school that it is their decision and not mine - I do hope that this has been the case. Quite simply, weekday attendance is not my call.”

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